Once Upon a Time in Disneyland

Buckle Up & Hold Your Breath, as the Journey to Magic Never Ends in Disneyland, Orlando USA

THE KID RISES AGAIN - I have never seen a smile so genuine as the 5-year-old boy that touches Cinderella’s hand as if he already knows whom to marry, or the 7 year old girl with sparkling eyes, after seeing Snow White, telling her mom ‘When I grow up, can I be a princess like her?” Or the teary-eyed ‘matured’ guy, who cannot believe, that after 29 years, was still in awe after seeing Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the magic that turns to life with thousands of kids and their families, right in front of his eyes.

I am touched, I am amazed – that glittering glow of hope from these kids, that life is still beautiful and life is still worthwhile – a lesson that we should all learn from their innocence. A simple heart that lives in happiness and dwell in nothing but fun and enjoyment. It is a day like no other – it is the day that the happy kid that I was, is coming back to life, undaunted, unafraid and shimmering with love – and that is all we need.

And that is what Disneyland is all about. Hope, Happiness, and Love.

Romantically situated in the heart of Lake Buena Vista, Florida, it is recognized as the most visited attraction in the world. Boasting a property that covers 25,000 acres – it is ultra humongous that its 40 square miles make up the equivalent of the entire San Francisco.