Bangkok: The Best and The Blessed

When you open your eyes and saw the bewitching temples from your window or the bustling city that both imbues you with infallible energy, hallowed be thy view.

When you indulge in your first meal and your palate experienced a fusion of impeccable spices and scrumptious taste, hallowed be thy food.

When you wander and felt the warmth of the people, with thousands of smiles gracing your presence with a distinct imagination of mythical halcyon bringing you to the heights of a tranquil paradise, hallowed be thy land.

Welcome to the land that brought paradise back to earth. Welcome to Thailand!
I was wondering is it because I had a good nap in the plane (which happens very infrequently) or is it because I really miss going back to a place that made me happy, that I am frenziedly in all excitement as I felt every bit and bliss of the moment as we are hovering at estimated 1,000 ft in the air, then reducing the throttles as we descend and I felt the pressure changing in my ears in the most normal way, and the pilots conclusively cutting the engines before a nice, soft, unperturbed touchdown at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. It’s definitely sweeter the fourth time around as I finally arrived after a quick, unnoticeable straight six hours of pleasurable flight via Thai Airways to the “Land of the Smiles”.

I am contemplating is it because I am a bit perceptive at many things or is it really the Thai people's core value that I feel they are more hospitable, more warm, more smiling… more than ever during these thought-provoking times. When I think about the latest political challenges that they are facing and couldn't find a hint of it as the same exquisite beauty of Bangkok flashes before my gaze, I couldn't help but ask myself, is it just the media over embellishing things again or is it really Thailand itself, because whatever happens - it always amazes you.


My phone was low battery and I couldn’t call, but good thing the travel agent (Ms. Suree of Absolute Fantastic Holiday Co. Ltd) that I contacted was superbly professional as she was waiting with a big placard of my name (spelled correctly for the first time) just right after I exited the immigration.

Thailand is one of my most favorite destinations across the globe, not only for its picturesque beaches, dramatic skyline, unparalleled entertainment, historical temples and friendly locals but also because it is truly one of the best ‘value-for-money’ destinations and you’ll surely have everything that I mentioned. I couldn’t believe I got an AIS sim-card around 250 baht, which only costs 7.8 USD, and it is already inclusive of 100 baht that you can spend both on text and calls, locally and internationally and most importantly, it has a package of unlimited phone internet access for 7 days, just perfect for my 6 days of stay. You don't even have to do anything, just give your phone in the counter, their attendants will configure it for you, wait for less than five minutes and – thy will be done with a smile. In my case, they also charged my phone and for few minutes – I am back to my ‘pic-snapping’ business. More smileys.

Nevertheless, it’s not only my iPhone who needs a charge, if my soul can talk, it will scream a spa, but fortunately my brain could read my soul’s crèche. Ms. Suree is truly heaven sent as she booked me in a spa center managed by therapists with angel hands.