The Queen Sirikit Museum

Do you remember flipping magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan or GQ when you were a kid until nowadays when you never miss an episode of America’s Next Top Model, do you have that burning passion for textiles, silks, fabrics and dresses? Or you were always curious about Her Majesty, The Queen of Bangkok’s favorite gown when she was young? Are you interested about Thai people’s national dress and costume? Or you are fascinated to personally see Her Majesty, Queen Sirikit’s Evening Gown and shoes?

If you answer yes to one of the aforementioned questions, then you must visit The Queen Sirikit Museum and you will surely enjoy an enchanting time-travel to the world of one of the most fashionable royal icon. You could also do a ‘stylish’ and ‘hip’ shopping with their trendy souvenirs, that chances are, you wouldn't find anywhere else in Bangkok.